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Transformers: Rebirth of a Kitchen Table June 14, 2011

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On a random Saturday morning, while watching HGTV and drinking coffee, Greg mentioned re-upholstering our hand-me-down kitchen chairs. These chairs are in fine shape, they just needed some sprucing up.  We took a ton of pictures of our progress, but not of the entire chair beforehand. Here is the old cushion.

Lo and behold, re-upholstering chairs is way easy – much easier than spelling that darn word! Off to Lowe’s we went and purchased a staple gun, paint, sandpaper and paintbrushes. I was nervous about picking out the fabric because surely we would have very different ideas about what these chairs should look like…but it wasn’t an issue! We wanted a bright print, with aqua and white, because we were painting the chairs a bright white color. Here is the cushion with the new fabric on it.

Greg’s job was to rip out the staples on the old cushions – who ever originally made those cushions ensured that they were not going anywhere easily, believe me – while I painted. Here is the old chair with the new cushion on it…

Here is the first coat of paint…

Ta da! Here is the first complete chair!

And here are the first two chairs finished! 🙂 We were so proud!

Now, here is a lesson I want to share with any of you new to the refinishing business – SAND, SAND, and SAND some more! We thought we would skip that step and save time, so these first two chairs simply received two coats of paint. By the time we finished the second chair, they started chipping. So, our time saver has turned into an additional project of sanding those chairs down even further than to begin with and repainting them. That is waiting for another day though 🙂


Our next step was to refinish the table – we didn’t want to paint the tabletop white, so we only painted the legs. A future project will be to stain and seal the tabletop a dark brown to coordinate with the chair fabric, after sanding the crap out of it of course.

Here it is, shoved into the corner, the only place it will fit in our current apartment.

I spend a lot of time with homework spread all over this table. The dogs lay next to me in their beds, it’s so sweet!

The more I look at it, the more I think the dark stain would be a lovely finish to the set. I think we’ll wait for our summer semester to be over before we tackle that though!