Making a House a Home

Do you know Greg and Lisa? May 24, 2011

I am the “Lisa” in “gregandlisa”. This is my first time blogging, so forgive me if I start out a bit slow! I think starting with talking about myself should be fairly easy 🙂

Greg and I met while in Occupational Therapy school at Washington University in St. Louis in Aug. 2010. We started dating in October, perused engagement rings about a month later, got engaged in March, and have our wedding planned for May 11, 2012! It sounds quick, but we both knew we wanted to marry each other before we started dating – why date otherwise right? 🙂 I moved into his apartment in April, and we found a house to rent with a nice fenced-in yard for our dogs (and hopefully for get-togethers with friends and family!) and a large basement that I want to convert into an office/exercise area.

Some additional things you should know, because I’m sure it will come up at some point….I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin (yes, I love cheese and the Packers!), and I received my Master’s degree from Auburn University in AL (War Eagle!).  Greg grew up in the St. Louis area, went to college about three hours away at Truman, and then moved back to St. Louis – thankfully, he loves to travel!

SO…what is the point of this blog, you ask? I want to share my life with all of you readers! 🙂 And friends and family who live far away. With the upcoming wedding, I am overflowing with ideas and excitement, and I don’t want to burn out family, friends, and Greg before the big day arrives! Greg and I have started some DIY projects, and I plan on sharing that too – who doesn’t like to learn about a good DIY project, right? I also enjoy cooking, so I’ll probably talk about that from time to time – I feel it’s crucial to share great recipes with others!

Well, hopefully you like what you read here, and will continue to come back for more! It should only get more exciting from here!


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